Cd Design

Yay.. 100 cds printed and being handed out. Go Ben.
I designed this while thinking about old records.


I know a secret

Just playing in photoshop.


zombies! and photoshop.

Ok. I have a ton of respect for talented photoshoppers out there.
It is really hard to take two totally different photos and convincingly put them together.
I'm much more familiar with Illustrator now... so thought I'd have some fun w/ photoshop.
I know it is colorized.. and the zombies have bad outlines.. and I chopped a zombie head a little with the eraser.. not the saw. However, I am learning.. It was fun.. and I think the fog I made came out kinda cool...


Go see Ben

Ben Ripani Music Co. is playing two shows this week..
try and make em. Fun times.

Here is the flyer for the second show I did this weekend...


Merch Sticker / Card

This is for Ben's Suitcase full of Merch.


Gray Ghosts 5-2-09

This is for my buddy Frank Green's band Gray Ghosts...
He and I designed this the other night.. Thanks Frank!


Gray Ghosts poster ideas

Anyone love or hate any of these? Any feedback is welcome!!
yes.. i know it is just "Soda Bar" :j



Not done yet.. just a sample

Like the direction this is going?


Ben's show on 2-21-09

Go see Ben... Silvie's Lounge ... Chicago.
Look now... poster...


01-29-09 show

go see live music. there were a million (read : 6) other colors before orange....
i wanted it to be eye catching, but i'm sick of red.


Sister and Mother..

Fun times at my cousin's wedding..

Edgar Allan Poe

Here is the pup. Eddie for short..

My wife at ~8 yrs...


This kid..

I have no idea where I got this photo... it just made me laugh...
Tell me you don't chuckle.. just once.?? hmm? just a little laugh?
I wonder what the scene looks like from behind the camera..

cd cover art..

This was the first part of Ben's album that I had finished.
I carved this.. then scanned it in..


CD release poster

Here is the poster I made for Ben's CD release party.
It is framed in his house.. YAY.


Wrong colors

the last post had the colors wrong.. however.. i love it..
anyway.. here is the original.

January 7th Flyer for Ben

Here is the poster I came up with for Ben Ripanis show on Jan 7th..
Whatcha think?

Long time gone

It has been an awful long time since I updated my blog.
Shame on you all for not pestering me sooner.
I'll be posting more in the near future...


illustrator monkey

Just messin around with illustrator.


Hope st red

pen, markers, paint marker, illustrator

Hope St Traced

Here is another hope st. sketch...
Drawn with a few pens that were running out of ink.
The other is that same pic live traced (poorly) in illustrator.


MS Bike Run 2008

I was asked to design a shirt for a bike run.
I designed it with a Harley logo... I should have asked more questions
because it ended up being a Bicycle run.. haha.. had to do a little re-design.
Here is what was sent to the printer.
The top left is the front of all of them.
The top right is the back of almost all of them.
Bottom left is back of Joe's shirt.
Bottom right is the back of Jen's shirt.


ink and hope

what do you hope for?
what makes you think of hope?
light at the end of a tunnel? a rose?


Hope St Mountain Thumbnail Sketch

Quick thumb of an idea where the street goes through mountains.
It would be cut out of a wood or rubber block. The street/sky would have no color and the
Mountains would have all the color w/ small areas showing contours.
Leave a comment for feedback...
Please excuse the crummy cell phone pic :)


Demons stickers

Just some quick stickers I did for a softball team.
One is for a good hit.
The other is if you get injured during play.


St. Watercolor

I mixed these concentrated watercolors together to get this cool green/brown color.
It doesn't show up as well in the scan.. but here is a sample.


Hope St Moleskin Graphic

Just an idea for a Hope st. graphic.
Scanned a blank moleskin page and used a photo for the buildings.


Cold Weathered Man

messing around w/ conte for the first time in a while...
looking for ideas for ben's album.


Winter Trees

Just messing with scan settings on some watercolor trees I did last winter.

ben again

i'll be posting a bunch of rough sketches and ideas for ben's theme...
to see the progression...
This is an idea for spirals.. cause the thing in your inner ear that lets you hear is spiral shaped.
It is called the cochlea. music... hearing... ya know :)
Not all that original.. but i'm just starting this project...
leave a comment.


Hope St

First idea for hope st.